Tropically home grown in Sri Lanka, MORICEYLON® is a community sourced project. We produce 100% natural, premium Moringa Oleifera products for exports using a latest technology, a cold drying process to preserve the natural nutrients of Moringa leaves. 

What makes MORICEYLON® different?

Our moringa powder is produced using a series of sustainable processes that are community and environment friendly. It is also 100% Natural, with no added artificial colours and preservatives. MORICEYLON® is ready-to-eat (RTE), lab tested and produced under the supervision of The Industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka (ITI).

1. Community sourced moringa leaves:

At MORICEYLON®, we empower our local community by giving moringa plants free to families so that they grow the crop and sell the leaves back to us. This system has been beneficial to both the community and for the growth of our company, as we are able to harvest moringa leaves from a larger area and more importantly the families involved are able to earn an income out of their under-utilised land.

2. Carbon neutral delivery:

Moringa leaves are plucked by our community of growers, sorted and delivered to our plant by bicycle. This is an environmentally friendly way and healthy way of transporting a large amount of leaves by individual household in the village.

3. Immediately hand-picked and washed:

We strive to produce the highest quality moringa oleifera leaf powder for our customers. This requires us to immediately hand pick, removing any unhealthy leaves and stems. Through this process, only the most nutritious leaves make it to the cold drying stage. The waste moringa leaves and stems are used to make compost which is given back to the community to help them fertilize their household crops.

4. Cold Drying:

One major reason MORICEYLON® moringa oleifera leaf powder is high quality, is this desiccant based dehumidification method used to slow cold dry the leaves for 15 hours at 7% moisture.

Most moringa leaf powder available in the market is produced using sun or oven drying methods. These methods, alter and kills natural nutrients that make moringa the 'Miracle Tree', and also loses its natural bright green colour. Our slow cold drying, in small batches, helps to retain all of its natural nutrients and the natural bright green colour of the moringa leaves.

5. Immediately powdered & packed:

After 15 hours of slow cold drying, the moringa leaves are immediately powdered and packed in an air controlled environment to avoid moisturisation.  This ensures, MORICEYLON® moringa leaf powder has a certified shelf life of 1.5 years. 

MORICEYLON® is also packed using food grade 6 layer aluminium foil (PET/VMPET/PE) pouches from Japan which are temperature, moisture and UV proof.

6. Ready to be shipped globally:

Our products are shipped  to health conscious consumers anywhere in the world because we believe that everyone should have access to unique nutritional benefits that moringa has to offer. It is also empowers the families who grow the moringa in our community and gives them the opportunity to make an impact in people's lives across the world while living in a small village in Sri Lanka. 


MORICEYLON® Moringa Oleifera Powder