MORICEYLON® Moringa Oleifera Powder


MORICEYLON® Moringa Oleifera Powder is 100% Natural, and is produced in a facility that does not process allergen foods. It is slow cold dried in small batches to retain its natural nutrients and packed in zip lock food grade (PE/M/PA) pouches. MORICEYLON® naturally contains Micro & Macronutrients and essential amino acids.

MORICEYLON® Moringa Oleifera powder can be added to just about anything you eat; to your favorite smoothie, juice or soup or sprinkle on to your salad, tofu, rice, noodles, omelet, homemade sweets such as muffins and cookies etc. Mix well when added to liquids.

Suggested serving size: 5grams/1 tablespoon per day.

If pregnant, please consult your doctor before use. 

Available in 40grams (1.41OZ) and customised quantities.

Pricing Table - 40grams (1.41OZ)

Quantity Price Shipping
1 Packet $ 6.99 $ 5.00
2 Packets $ 12.59 $ 5.00
4 Packets $ 23.79 $ 7.00
6 Packets $ 35.99 Free Shipping


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