Moringa Powder has many recorded nutritional benefits:

  • Lowers cholesterol & blood pressure
  • Reduces anxiety, depression & migraine symptoms
  • Boost energy without caffeine
  • Antioxidants & Anti-aging properties
  • Assists metabolism & detoxifies
  • Supports the immune system
  • Enhances sexual health

Here are a few nutritional highlights that make Moringa a Super Food:

Read Below to see the specific benefit of each Amino Acid that is found in Moringa Oleifera leaves:

Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins; need to grow, repair and maintain cells. The human body manufactures 10 to 12 amino acids and remaining 8 amino acids known as the 8 essential amino acids should be provided from your daily diet. MORICEYLON® naturally contains all 8 essential amino acids.

  • Isoleucine – Helps to build proteins & enzymes
  • Leucine – Enhances body energy
  • Lysine – Maintains the balance of nutrients
  • Metheonine – Prevents hair, skin, nail problems and reduces liver fat and bladder irritation
  • Phenylalaine – Reducers hunger pains and improves memory
  • Threonine – Assists metabolism and prevents fat buildup in liver
  • Trytohyan – Supports immune system, reduces anxiety, depression and migraine symptoms
  • Valine – Promotes sharp mind and coordinates muscles
  • GABA – Reduces neuronal excitability throughout the nervous system

MORICEYLON® is a natural source of nutrients and could be slow to absorb into a living human system (less bioavailable - BA) compared to an artificially manufactured synthetic supplements.