The Miracle Tree

Moringa Oleifera is one of the 14 species of a mono-generic family Moringaceae. It is Native to Sub Himalayan region. The Moringa tree  is referred to many names since it has been naturalised in many tropical and sub tropical countries. Commonly know as horseradish or drumstick tree, and in Sri Lanka, we called it 'Murunga'. All parts of the 'Murunga' (Moringa)   tree is packed with nutrients, leaves and pods are widely used for consumption. Moringa leaves are a highly nutritious source of essential amino acids, macro & micronutrients. It is not only an absolute treasure trove of natural health & wellness benefits, but also an environmental and a humanitarian tool used to fight malnutrition across the globe. Moringa is also an emerging 'Super Food' and perhaps the most important in an ever-warming world, with its drought resistant and water purifying ability.