Company Info

Company Information:

Business Name: eTosh Global Private Limited

Date of incorporation: 13 August 2013

Country of registration: Sri Lanka

Business Registration No: PV94045

Business Address: 21/11, Polhengoda Gardens, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka. 00500.

Factory Address: No.55, Paraduwa Galpatha, Kalutara, Sri Lanka.

Phone: +94 77 431 6238


Primary line of business: Super food manufacturer

General business activities:

Our business model is based on empowering local communities to turn under-utilized resources into innovative products that can be used in society today. Within this model we specialize in research and product development.

Company Strategy - MORICEYLON®

Vision – To be a globally recognized brand for producing high quality Moringa Oleifera leaf powder products using a fully sustainable process.

Mission – To create to an engine for economic growth in our local community by providing the highest quality Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder to health conscious consumers around the world.

 Core values

  • Empowering our local communities
  • Maintaining environmentally sustainable processes
  • Maintaining the purest form of product/s
  • Connecting local communities to world markets
  • Small Batch production


  • Creating new sources of income for 100 families by 2020
  • Making MORICEYLON® the ultimate super food brand in the category, in SL
  • Using Moringa to innovate food solutions  
  • Be a leading natural Moringa supplier to the consumers in the world

 Scope of Work – Tree to Table Company

 Financial Consideration

The company expects to break-even within 3 years and does not anticipate serious cash flow problems. We believe that the revenue generated per month for the first 3 years will be sufficient to finance all general business activities. Currently we don’t have borrowings from local or foreign institutions and most liabilities derived from the investment.

Our Business Model